Day 022

Sep. 20th, 2017 03:15 pm
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Okay so... Something is seriously wrong with this place. Stepping outside, the sun actually hurt me! Why does the sun hurt so much?! There's no explanation that I can think of to why.

My things arrived with me and I'd like to explore outside this... castle? But I can't do that until i have more information.

[ The words being written start out as frantic but shift a bit. Like someone scribbling out notes or observations. Not quite aware that this was a communication device or anything yet. ]

The guard all looked at me when I was walking around but why is that? Am I to believe in like a servant here? My friends are gone and this is too realistic to be a dream unless I hit my head which is crazy but not impossible if I consider the options here...

Night 21

Aug. 18th, 2017 10:20 am
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I've always thought souls were the most fascinating things - even more so when they lacked tangibility. Yet, having been shown the physical - or perhaps I should say spiritual? magical? - form of one, I find myself even more intrigued.

Those eyeless men so many have warned about: at least one of their souls is crimson, braided with shadow. Perhaps that will mean something to someone. Perhaps it will not. If the former, I'd like to know what it means to you or whether, perhaps, you see them in a different light.

It seems that red is the basic colour of the soul and the darkness is rot. Has anyone seen aught to contradict this?

Day 21

Aug. 10th, 2017 09:44 pm
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So... what the heck is this thing anyway? It doesn't seem like a normal book... seeing as I can see everyone else's past entries in here or something.


Look. I need answers and I need them now. What's this I saw about servants, guards and a Lord?? The sooner I can get out of here, the better. I have a little sister to get back to.
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Unidentified undead are flooding the castle. The guards have engaged them.

I want to know everything we can about them. What do sensing abilities make of them? Are they Sorrow-tainted?

Day 20

Jul. 1st, 2017 08:29 pm
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Dunno who's planning to do something reckless, but I caution against it. I saw something--a vision. I get them, from time to time. I only get ones like these as a warning. Something horrible's coming--something deadly. Very, very deadly. Talking about an entire army being wiped out and then some.

I'll talk more to whoever it seems relevant to. Let me know where to meet you and I'll talk to you in person.

- Fraethota
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[There's a somewhat confused older guy in brown robes writing in the strange book]

This place doesn't look familiar. Can someone please tell me what planet this is? I don't even know how I got here...

I feel strange...there's a lot of dark energy here. And if I try to reach out with the isn't a good feeling. Almost overwhelming. Something is strange here.
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[ With Murtagh's return, a prior page in the journal has found itself written over with words from another hand. Though written weeks, months before in real time, they do not appear until the fog recedes and he emerges from hiding.

The handwriting is hurried yet elegant, reminiscent of someone upper-class during a time when handwriting was sometimes almost an art. ]

It's done, she's free. I apologise for leaving you behind, especially those of you who helped us escape from the Lord's servants despite not knowing why we fled. Be wary of Lord Leitner in the coming days as I fear his wrath may be terrible.


[ There is a small, vague doodle here of a dragon. It's not particularly good but it's recognisable. ]
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I have an important task that needs attending. There is a young woman in town right now. A girl. Some thing was put around her head that blinds her vision. And it's not the most unpleasant thing it does, either. She's starting to look very sick.

[There was a pause as he contemplated how to proceed, before a pencil pressed into the paper hard enough to engrave the next few words into the page.]

I want it off of her. I'll explain what I can if someone is willing to look at it.

I won't tell her who you are. If she doesn't know, she can't be forced to tell.

Night 18

May. 16th, 2017 02:07 pm
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[ In response to this written conversation, a map begins to appear on a certain page spread in the journals... ]

(Click to enlarge)

[ On a separate note, a certain other map has also been updated... ]

First Note

May. 14th, 2017 07:51 pm
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[Kate is looking around the dorm room, very confused and unhappy. SHe can be seen looking at the outfits and the stuff in the trunk, not really liking the skirts and girly stuff. She's never been much of a dressy girl, and over the past few decades, functional clothes were just scavenged from whatever was around. She's glad her weapons are there, though. ]

I don't like this at all. Where am I? How the heck did I get...if someone undressed me to get me into this outfit,, I am not going to be happy.

Is this some kind of kidnapping?
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[There's new handwriting in everyone's notebooks, a neat lettering that has more character than print but isn't really script.]

I knew that driving straight through back to London from Dreadmond was inadvisable at best, but after everything I went through, I wanted nothing more than the comfort of home for the night in preparation for dealing with everything that I knew would follow. This was a particularly trying investigation . . . in more ways than one. Still, I must have been far more exhausted than I thought, as I no sooner parked in my carport and pulled my satchel into my lap in preparation for getting out of the car than I fell asleep right there in the driver's seat!

Now? Now, I cannot tell if I am awake or still asleep. There is no awareness in the back of my mind that this isn't real, as is usually the case in such dreams. I feel very much awake. However, to say that I am not where I would expect to be is a grave understatement. I have found myself in what looks to be a dorm room of some sort. Ten beds, though only one aside from the one I awakened in shows much sign of recent use. I have no recollection of having been moved, no half-lucid impressions like those when I was fished from the Irish Sea during my last - hopefully final! - visit to Blackpool. Yet, here I am, in a room that is as dim and barren as a mausoleum. My clothes were changed while I was unconscious, too. For what reason, I cannot fathom. I was dressed in some sort of drab uniform of an older style that I do not recognize. German, possibly, though I cannot say for sure. However, thankfully, all of my belongings - clothes, satchel, even the contents of my pockets - were in an antique steamer trunk at the foot of the bed. Curiously, it has my name on it, as does the journal in which I write this. The book has apparently belonged to, or been borrowed by, a number of others before me, as there are entries in here by many different hands. Still, it somehow seems right for me to write in it myself rather than pull a fresh journal from my satchel. I cannot explain this feeling, and it unsettles me even as I write this.

In any case, I have changed back into my own clothes, gathered and accounted for the rest of my things, and I will now venture forth to see if I can figure out just where I am. If I am truthful, I am not prepared to deal with a new case already. I am still reeling from everything Richard put me through. And what he said, specifically in regards to his claims about directing the course of my very life. Also Ankou, the death goddess, and having died. If, indeed, I did and she spared me. Still, I suppose if this doesn't prove a repeat of Dire Grove, my first visit - if I do not emerge into a snowstorm threatening to turn England into Antarctica again - then I should count myself lucky.

Even then, I find myself almost compelled to say, as I found myself saying many times last night and into this morning . . . time to face the horrors again.

Day 18

May. 9th, 2017 12:51 pm
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[ The words below are somewhat smudged but still carefully and elegantly written in charcoal. ]

Greetings to you all. I am new and was wondering how clothes are washed here. I'm from a future time it seems and don't understand all of these archaic processes.

With that said, would someone care to explain the heated vents which seem to populate the upstairs rooms? I was under the impression such things didn't exist in this time period.
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I have two wolves and two glass pups that need names.

Suggestions are welcome. I reserve the right to reject any puns.

Day 17

Mar. 30th, 2017 01:17 pm
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I would like to share some thoughts with you all.

I was one of the people involved in the fight last night. I apologise for writing in blood before, but I didn’t exactly have the time to bother with a pencil.

I would like to speak to the [There’s a pause here, as he considers what to write.] young man who used the large sword last night. I noticed a flash of light when you struck, and I want to know more about it, and the weapon in general.

Some time back, I visited the maze with someone. We saw the gazebo right after the seal was strengthened, and at that time I also noticed a bright light there, flashing whenever something tried to form inside like it was fighting to stop it.

I also realise those of you who arrived late enough to see the large dog at work might see my message and dismiss it. I wrote that message after a clear observation of the first possession target being burned. The entity inside him escaped and emerged, only to slip inside of the second target as he accidentally breathed it in. Fire alone did not work.

Speaking of which, I hope those who were there got their burns seen to properly. The corrosive cloud it used was able to eat through steel. As I don’t know whether it is acidic in nature or not, I can only suggest washing anything that came in contact with it with plenty of water.

Other things I noted were a remarkable regenerative ability. Cutting off the head of its host probably won't stop it, so don't be fooled into a false sense of security if you try it.

However, I did notice a degree of degeneration over the course of the last fight. The body of the man who was possessed started to look an awful lot like his Lordship's eyeless servants, or those other servants that were wandering the halls some nights ago.

On a related note, I hope you all saw the earlier note about the eyeless servants. If you haven't, read it.
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[ There is a sudden excited, almost illegible scrawl across the pages. ]


[ What you don't see: Kaito reaching for his phone to snap a picture, only to remember what era he's in. So instead, he draws an image of a soybean. ]


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[ After reuniting with those at Rei cottage, this post appears... ]

If anyone fights the Lord's eyeless servants, please try to aim for the heart. There's a small stone embedded in their chests which, if you break or shatter them, will turn them back to normal. It's not that much bigger than a coin and hidden beneath a big scar.

After the black blood leaves them, they should be fine. Or they might die but...they should still be fine.

It would be better if you could cut the stone out without breaking it but that's probably asking too much, isn't it.
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[Great. Just great. He'd had a feeling that things wouldn't go smoothly, but this was a true annoyance.

Instinctual attacking wasn't going to do. The usual wasn't going to do. So when the dark smoke-like vapour entered Albastru and Yun had sought to keep him contained, Walter ripped the notebook he carried from inside his shirt.

He didn't bother with the pencil. The hand he'd clasped over his wound as it was bleeding was still covered in fresh blood; in haste he used it, scrawling a message in large letters across the first blank page.]

Do not use fire
It goes airborne
Seal it
Choke off its escape
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CODE BLACK. I repeat, we have a CODE BLACK.

[For those who know her writing, it's hurried and shaky. There might even be a spot or two from blood or ink.]

Kumocchi has been possessed. If you can create a barrier that can protect those who cannot, do so. If you cannot defend yourself, STAY INDOORS AND OUT OF SIGHT.

He is HIGHLY DANGEROUS, and may try to make you like himself.



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 "Looks like the castle seems quiet for right now.  Heading out on a supply run, anybody looking for some food or weapons otherwise?  "

Apparently, electronic weapons aren't useful here.  It's fine. "

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