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I have two wolves and two glass pups that need names.

Suggestions are welcome. I reserve the right to reject any puns.

Day 17

Mar. 30th, 2017 01:17 pm
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I would like to share some thoughts with you all.

I was one of the people involved in the fight last night. I apologise for writing in blood before, but I didn’t exactly have the time to bother with a pencil.

I would like to speak to the [There’s a pause here, as he considers what to write.] young man who used the large sword last night. I noticed a flash of light when you struck, and I want to know more about it, and the weapon in general.

Some time back, I visited the maze with someone. We saw the gazebo right after the seal was strengthened, and at that time I also noticed a bright light there, flashing whenever something tried to form inside like it was fighting to stop it.

I also realise those of you who arrived late enough to see the large dog at work might see my message and dismiss it. I wrote that message after a clear observation of the first possession target being burned. The entity inside him escaped and emerged, only to slip inside of the second target as he accidentally breathed it in. Fire alone did not work.

Speaking of which, I hope those who were there got their burns seen to properly. The corrosive cloud it used was able to eat through steel. As I don’t know whether it is acidic in nature or not, I can only suggest washing anything that came in contact with it with plenty of water.

Other things I noted were a remarkable regenerative ability. Cutting off the head of its host probably won't stop it, so don't be fooled into a false sense of security if you try it.

However, I did notice a degree of degeneration over the course of the last fight. The body of the man who was possessed started to look an awful lot like his Lordship's eyeless servants, or those other servants that were wandering the halls some nights ago.

On a related note, I hope you all saw the earlier note about the eyeless servants. If you haven't, read it.
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[ There is a sudden excited, almost illegible scrawl across the pages. ]


[ What you don't see: Kaito reaching for his phone to snap a picture, only to remember what era he's in. So instead, he draws an image of a soybean. ]


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[ After reuniting with those at Rei cottage, this post appears... ]

If anyone fights the Lord's eyeless servants, please try to aim for the heart. There's a small stone embedded in their chests which, if you break or shatter them, will turn them back to normal. It's not that much bigger than a coin and hidden beneath a big scar.

After the black blood leaves them, they should be fine. Or they might die but...they should still be fine.

It would be better if you could cut the stone out without breaking it but that's probably asking too much, isn't it.
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[Great. Just great. He'd had a feeling that things wouldn't go smoothly, but this was a true annoyance.

Instinctual attacking wasn't going to do. The usual wasn't going to do. So when the dark smoke-like vapour entered Albastru and Yun had sought to keep him contained, Walter ripped the notebook he carried from inside his shirt.

He didn't bother with the pencil. The hand he'd clasped over his wound as it was bleeding was still covered in fresh blood; in haste he used it, scrawling a message in large letters across the first blank page.]

Do not use fire
It goes airborne
Seal it
Choke off its escape
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CODE BLACK. I repeat, we have a CODE BLACK.

[For those who know her writing, it's hurried and shaky. There might even be a spot or two from blood or ink.]

Kumocchi has been possessed. If you can create a barrier that can protect those who cannot, do so. If you cannot defend yourself, STAY INDOORS AND OUT OF SIGHT.

He is HIGHLY DANGEROUS, and may try to make you like himself.



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 "Looks like the castle seems quiet for right now.  Heading out on a supply run, anybody looking for some food or weapons otherwise?  "

Apparently, electronic weapons aren't useful here.  It's fine. "
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Hey everyone. Hope you're all safe.
I'm working for the toymaker now so if anyone's got any games they'd like to see, I'm all ears. Or eyes, I guess. Hahaha.

Currently working on: go, checkers, and chess.
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Name's Connor, my full name is not anyone's business right now.

What is important that I'm new here. 

[The man writes more in the notebook]

"Anybody know what the hell's going on?!"

I hear noises coming not too far from the room.

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Marian here, making roll call.

Is everyone all right? If you can help it, Do not go outside. I repeat, do not risk leaving a safe location if it can be helped.

In the castle- if the basement is compromised, stay in the rooms that give off the slightly warm feeling when you cross the doorway. Those areas should be safe.

There may be a room on the main floors that has this, as well as food.

[Maybe she should try drawing a, not now. Hopefully people aren't inside the place, and no one has decided to have an adventure in the maze tonight.]

In the meantime-we could try to entertain each other while we wait, if you want?

Maybe do a name game, tic tac toe, something more complicated to make the time pass faster.

[Please help her. She hates being confined, and she's going slightly crazy with cabin fever.]
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Spinel, I need to talk to you.

Where can we meet?
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Help. There is someone scary in the hall near the rooms and I think its after me.
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Does anyone know what the griffin riders want? I'm still in the stables... They're kind of scary and I can't understand the griffins here very well.

[The handwriting's familiar to some, carefully formed but still messy.]
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hey, i'm sora! so i'm not sure which sleeping world this is, but i'm kind of looking for someone. there's no dream eaters here either, so it's a little weird to figure out where to go. plus, what's with these notebooks?

though, i guess other people would know, but i really have something important to do, so i'd like to get going!

plus, what is this place, i've never seen a world like this? what's going on?

[ For SOME reason, Sora is still writing questions, not particularly waiting for an answer. Some of them range from "how did I manage to get here? and "where's riku?" and then something about being really hungry. Feel free to stop him. ]


Feb. 8th, 2017 01:43 pm
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That wasn’t too bad. Not the worse thing to have happened to me. But I feel weird.

Also, I did not get a cool scar for it. In cartoons when something like that happens, the hero comes back with a powerup and a BIG scar.

So I have drawn what should have happened.

[Luce feels too weird to actually color anything, so its a simple black and white drawing.]

But anyways, I will be throwing a party soon for any plush friends you might have. Please RSVP so I can make sure they have a hat.
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Marian, if you could meet me out in the gardens at the usual place when you see this, I'd appreciate it.

Also, I'm looking for a few people who didn't check in over the night. If anyone knows where Hope and Argent are, please point them in my direction before I go looking for them, otherwise they are both going to be damp and cold for worrying me when I find them.

[It's not a thread if it's nonlethal, right.]

Night 15

Jan. 21st, 2017 04:33 pm
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In case it's not obvious, if you're in the castle or town, get somewhere safe immediately. Inside houses in town seems to be safe for the moment. If that's not an option, get to the garden, the guards and gargoyles can't enter it.

Very long story short, the dragon that you might've seen flying the walls was a princess and had been captured by the Lord and he's rather pissed that she's free now. The guards are probably not anyone's friends anymore.

Might be a good idea to sound off here where you are and who's with you, so we have an idea of who might be missing. I know two kids (one of them with wings), that guy from the basement cells, and our serpent companion are safe in the usual place.

Rose was taken to the castle.
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Apparently there's some people in the garden who got healed. Anyone know who did it?

[ Added a little later, closer to daybreak: ]

There'll be a magic show during the Christmas celebration tomorrow. Make sure you all come and see it!! ^o^
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If anyone sees a new arrival that looks like me, try to avoid his attempts to bite you to death and direct him to me instead. I will be in the stable loft.

Refer to him as Kumocchi for the time being.


[ Now to wait for the inevitable outburst of rage from his younger self... ]
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I have a very important idea and need all the help I can get.

The spirits need to go rest, and the book I found has given me an idea.

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